Advent Elementary & Middle School


The curriculum at Advent School meets and/or exceeds state requirements and is based on the Florida Standards. Based on individual student mastery, the progression assures readiness for Honors and Advanced Placement classes at the high school level.
The following subjects are offered:
Religion: Bible study, memory work, life application, weekly worship, community service projects
Language Arts: Grammar, punctuation, phonics (K-2), spelling, handwriting (K-3), cursive (3rd)
Writing: Sentence structure, organizational skills, creativity, grammar skills, citing resources, writing with plagiarizing, research skills, writing for a specific purpose and/or audience
Literature / Reading: Reading comprehension, vocabulary, predicting outcomes, various styles of writing
Science: Life, earth, physical concepts, health, safety & wellness, engineering, robotics
Social Studies: Cultures, geography and map skills, civics and government, history
Mathematics: Computation, problem solving, measurement, algebra, geometry and related areas – individualized assessments and instruction
Spanish: Vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, basic communication skills, culture and geography
Music: Music notation, introduction to instruments, music appreciation, recorders, singing, choir and band
Art: Multi-media instruction, art appreciation and culture
Physical Education: Basic skills, exercise and movement, fitness, group games, introduction to organized sports – uniforms required for 5th-8th grades
Technology: Keyboarding, computer literacy, word processing, Power Point©, Excel©, Photoshop©, robotics, internet safety, internet research, webpage design, digital arts, video slideshows
Library/Media: Basic library etiquette and skills, reinforces skills taught in Literature, research, pleasure reading, comprehension, etc. – individual assessment – incorporates technology and enhances cross curricular projects
Standardized Testing: TerraNova, 3rd ed. – online for 3rd – 8th grades – Complete battery for K-2nd grades
High School Credit: Students have the opportunity to earn the following high school credits – Spanish I, Algebra I Honors, and Geometry Honors

Fine Arts

Students at Advent are taught that we all having varying measures of musical and artistic abilities and talents and that all are gifts from God. they are encouraged to explore their individual talents, expand their skills, and grow their appreciation of the fine arts.
Fine Arts classes include:
  • Music Class for grades K-6
  • Junior Choirs for grades K-1 and 2-4
  • Middle School Choir for grades 5-8
  • Art Classes for grades K-6
  • Art Club for grades 7-8
  • Drama Club for grades 6-8
Fine Arts Classes in Boca Raton

Clubs | Special Interests

Middle school students are provided with a variety of opportunities to get involved through electives. 
School Clubs in Boca Raton
Some opportunities are:
  • Safety Patrol (5th grade)
  • Robotics Team
  • Yearbook staff
  • Student Council
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)