APPS To Share With Your Children

What qualities should you look for when selecting digital media for children?  Here are four rules of thumb to guide you:

  • Is the activity engaging to the child?

  • Does the activity encourage rich exploration?

  • Does the activity stimulate language development?

  • Does the activity offer children a new way of experiencing the world? 



  1. Book Creator (coauthor a book with your child right on your iPad or Tablet)  Ages 5+

  2. Bug Art (young artists can explore beautiful bugs and design their own)  Ages 7+

  3. Art Lab (create sound compositions, poems, group drawings, paintings, and more)  Ages 7+

  4. Strip Designer (create your own comic strip or super heroes)  Ages 6+

  5. ComicBook! (unleashes "creative superpowers" and special effects)  Ages 8+

  6. Princess Presto's Spelling Bee and Martha Speaks! - (both  at PBS KIDS games)  Ages 3+

  7. Starfall (play games that help beginning readers recognize letters)  Ages 4+

  8. Endless Reader (helps children learn letters and words in a fun format)  Ages 3+